Polyethylen – PE

PE is mainly used for consumer goods or toys. The automotive industry also uses this material for e.g. tank containers, motorcycle fenders or in automotive engineering.

Inexpensive starter material for your prototypes

Our second product, the grey-black polyethylene ROLASERIT® PE01GR, was launched in 2015. This material was developed as a low-cost entry material for simple low-cost prototypes and makes the mass plastic polyethylene available for laser sintering.

Like the previously developed ROLASERIT® TPU, the powder has particularly good flowability and is easy to process. The parts show typical PE strength characteristics with an easily manageable component ductility.

Excellent post-processing

Due to the typical properties of PE with a low hardness, the components can be finished perfectly. We have also developed a whitish version so that changing the material on the machines is simple and uncomplicated for you.


Young's modulus [N/mm²]


Tensile strength [N/mm²].


Elongation at break in %


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