Polybutylenterephthalat – PBT


PBT is used especially for valve parts, plug connectors and electrical/electronic components, but also for pump housings and wheels, household appliance components, headlight housings and automotive components.

Clear advantages over standard materials in powder bed fusion

Compared to PA12 and PA11, PBT has better mechanical properties and much lower moisture absorption, as well as higher heat resistance.

In a joint development with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, AM POLYMERS is currently developing a PBT material which is characterized by good processability and good mechanical component properties comparable to injection molding.

Save the high temperature system

Unlike other PBT powders, no high-temperature equipment is required for processing ROLASERIT® PBT01. The material can be processed on all common standard systems for powder bed fusion. Hence, this material is available on the market without restrictions.

Ductility that pays of

ROLASERIT® PBT01 has mechanical properties corresponding to typical injection molded PBT materials. In addition, it has a high elongation at break of between 8 and 14 % compared with other available powders, with good layer-to-layer bonding in the direction of building. As a result, even finer structures can be produced without the risk of damage when unpacking or blasting.


Young's modulus [N/mm²]


Tensile strength [N/mm²]


Elongation at break in %


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