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ROLASERIT® PP enables 1/60 cost reduction for video laryngoscope for emergency training purposes

Airway management is one of the fundamental parts of the emergency medicine curriculum, both in medical students and paramedic students. In recent years video laryngoscopy has become a more and more valued tool. It is a specially shaped blade with a video camera at the tip through which the glottis can be identified, and a breathing tube can be placed in the windpipe. However, many young doctors and paramedics lack sufficient training in the correct handling of these devices. Due to the high purchase price, many universities and rescue service schools are not able to keep different types of video laryngoscopes ready for teaching at all times. With AM Polymers GmbH ROLASERIT® PP01 material, based on Polypropylene with high ductility, a stable, almost realistic imitation can be printed that nearly corresponds to a video laryngoscope in both haptics and handling. The price per blade* is one-sixtieth of the cheapest commercial available video laryngoscope.

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