Polymers meeting your Application Requirements

Materials meeting the requirements of your application

AM POLYMERS GmbH is the specialist for the production of qualified plastic powders for powder bed fusion, laser sintering (LS) or high-speed sintering! Here, you will find the largest variety of material with suitable properties for your application.

For these processes we sell standard plastics from conventional plastics production in powder form such as polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), polyamides (PA), polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) or thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). To expand our range of products, we are constantly developing new materials, especially customer-specific products.

Standard polymers in new top form

With our powder materials, we meet your requirements while at the same time making them easy to process. Our optimized compositions and our extensive experience of many years in the field of laser sintering produce batch-to-batch consistent powder materials and parts with particularly good properties. Our know-how considerably reduces your effort for running-in so that you can deliver high-quality customer parts within a few days.

Come with us into the future of additive manufacturing

The established laser sintering materials PA12 and PA11 including their filled versions dominated powder bed fusion for a long time. But do they still meet today's market requirements?

We think that the mapping of property profiles using different fillers to simulate real standard plastics no longer meets the requirements of the market.

Changing the manufacturing process for your series application means enough effort and risk for you. An additional change to unknown polymer materials cannot be justified in terms of risk.

Therefore, our goal is to make traditional standard plastics such as PP, PE, PA6, PBT, or TPU available as quality-controlled powder materials for additive production. We are revolutionizing the material market by adding these important polymers and thereby raising the known plastics market to a new level in the long run.

COMPETENCE³ that pays off:
SYSTEM ENGINEERS for Polymer, Powder & Process

AM POLYMERS GmbH has developed four different thermoplastic powders for laser sintering in the past years and sells them under the brand name ROLASERIT®.

The foundation of our products is based on 22 years of experience in the laser sintering process, for which we have a deep understanding of materials and processes. Coupled with 11 years of expertise in the production and optimization of very good flowing plastic powders, this results in very robust processing conditions.

We cover all production steps - from the basic polymer to the final plastic powder for powder bed fusion - in our company. An advantage that cannot be denied.

Short decision-making processes combined with our excellent knowledge along the entire value chain make high-quality plastic powders with optimum flow properties and high batch-to-batch consistency available to you.

Plug & Play plastic powders:
The new standard for industrial 3D printing

We act according to the principle "Plug & Play not Plug & Pray" (Customer quote!). For us, this means that we make sure that each of our materials can be applied to your AM machine without problems. We achieve this through a high degree of consistency in the different batches as well as comprehensive process know-how for easy processability. You use a new material and immediately receive usable end products within a few days.

Application-specific - Easy implementation - Short running-in times

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